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Your Professional Coach

When a skater starts in CanSkate they get the opportunity to learn from a Skate Canada certified professional Coach.  When moving into the STARSkate Program you will receive group and private lessons.

When hiring a coach there are a multitude of considerations.  The coach should be one the skater feels comfortable with, and one you both respect as an individual as well as a teacher. You want a coach who treats your child with respect and who is interested in your child’s development as a person as well as a skater.  Ongoing meetings and planning sessions between the coach and parents are important. You should keep the coach informed about the skater’s educational commitments, financial constraints and other information that may impact your skater’s training.  Ask about their qualifications as well as their own personal test and competitive record. Even if they were not a high-test skater or competitive skater, their record with pupils may demonstrate their ability to teach at a high level.

Do not make this decision lightly. Skating costs a lot of money and takes a lot of your time. Watch the coaches work with their students and ask questions.  Open dialogue is important for building that relationship.

Be aware there is a limited amount of ice time at all rinks, and instructors’ schedules will fill up. You may not be able to make arrangements with your first choice. The business relationship between a pro and a student is a personal contract. You deal directly with the Coach. You will be billed by and pay the Coach directly, not the Club.  Your Coach will help set goals and expectations with your skater. Also an appropriate lesson and practice schedule will be established. This will vary depending on the needs of the skater, the demands upon the Coach’s time and ice availability.  Your coach will help you make decisions about testing and competing and will prepare your skater for these events.  They will cut your music for your program and choreograph the program for your skater.  All of these will be extra costs that will be recorded on your invoice from the Coach.

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