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Meet Our Coach

Introducing our 2017/2018 Coach…

Rae Anne Hesketh


Director of Skating

Skate Canada National Trained Coach

Over 36 years of professional teaching

Personal Accomplishments:

- Competitive / Gold Skating Skills 1
- Gold Free Skate
- Novice Competitive Free Skate
- Canadian Gold Dances
- American (US) Gold Dances
- Dance Variation Test
- Jr. Competitive Dance
- Sr. Competitive Diamond Dance – Rhumba
- Gold Creative Dance

* Competed in the competitive stream as a Junior Ladies Competitor.

Coaching Certifications:

- Partial Level 3 - Theory & Technical
- NCCP Certified Level II
- Certified Synchronized Skating
- Certified Can Power Skating Coach
- Certified Speed Skating Professional

I have coached skaters from Star 1 up to and including the Star 10 Levels in the Skate Canada Star Skate Test system in all disciplines. My skaters have competed in the Star Skate Competition Stream in all levels as well as skaters in the Competitive Stream who competed in Pre–Juvenile, Juvenile and Novice in both Singles and Pairs at the Skate Canada Challenge level.

My Expertise is in the development of all skaters in figure skating and hockey skills from the ground level up. I enhance their knowledge and skills to help them succeed in their abilities to be better athletes.

My Coaching Philosophy:

A coach is a mentor, a teacher, a role model and sometimes a friend. I am a positive coach and my first priority is the development of the skater. My goals are to build confidence and positive character traits such as discipline, self-motivation, self-worth and excitement for life. My desire is to see the skater learn with the knowledge I give them to effectively improve their skills. I set realistic goals. Through encouragement, I praise the skaters for their efforts and I feel communication is crucial for having a good relationship with the skaters. “A positive coach feels an obligation to their sport they coach. They love their sport and want to share that love and enjoyment with the skaters”.

I have been a Campbell River Skating Club Professional for over 30 years and I continue to welcome skaters of all ages for private and group lessons.

Please contact me at 250-923-6641 or by email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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