Assessment Days

Assessment Day

UPDATE: Test Days have changed in that a Coach can ‘test’ their skater rather than going through the process of a ‘formal’ test day where an external Judge is used.  Before a Coach can ‘test’ their skater they must have completed the STAR 1-5 Program and the STAR 1-5 Assessor Training; be currently teaching the skater in the discipline of assessment, and the Coach must be accredited at the appropriate level (Primary STAR/Regional Coach Trained or higher).

Several times a year, judges come to our club to test the progress of our skaters. Your coach will assess you before this date to determine if you are ready to test.

For a dance test, you will have time to warm up your dance with the other skaters first. You will then skate your dance test with a partner. Your coach will let you know who your partner will be. The judge is looking for timing with the music and partner and if the steps are performed correctly. Your expression is important in a dance also.

Skills tests have 3 or 4 exercises to be performed. They are tested simultaneously and the skater must skate to standard to pass.

Freeskate tests are completed in two parts, elements (stroking, jumps and spins) and the skater’s personal solo.

Interpretive tests are just the solo performed.

Three weeks before a test day, your coach will submit a proposed list of tests to the Test Chair who will submit it to the Vancouver Region Judges Bureau.

Two weeks before test day is the final date to pull a test from the test list. This means if your name is still on this list you will take the test and pay for it. If you are sick and cannot take the test a medical note signed by your Doctor is needed. Please also note if you are taking the test out of town there could be additional ice costs.

Soon after this date you will receive a test envelope, with a summary of fees to be paid.  Your summary will have a deadline to be returned by on it. If the envelope and fees are not returned by this date, you may not be allowed to take your tests. Give the envelope to your coach, the Test Chair or put it in the Test Chair’s file in the music room by the return date. A test can be pulled for medical reasons only. Please call your coach ASAP, if this should be necessary.

ALL TEST ENVELOPES SHOULD BE RETURNED BY THE POSTED DATE. Tests not paid for by then will be pulled, but you will still be required to pay. No exceptions.

Test Day Expenses

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect to pay when testing.  Other than dance partner expenses, which is split amongst those skaters that are using the dance partner, all other amounts are per test.  If you are testing for 1 skill, 1 dance and 1 FS (3 tests) then you would times each amount (below) by the number of tests being takes, i.e.  $7×3, $12×3, $13×3, $4×3.

$  7 ~ Administration
$12 ~ Skate Canada Test Fee
$13 ~ Dance Partner Fee (dependant upon your dance partner)
??? ~ Dance Partner Expenses
$  4 ~ Judges Bureau

The Administration fee covers the Judges’ expenses.  The Club pays for the ice and any expenses that exceed the $7/test/skater.

A test day schedule will be posted on the Club bulletin board outside of the music room, hopefully a week before test day. This schedule is subject to change, so please check it the day before your tests.  Skaters should arrive one hour before their scheduled time. The first test of the day should arrive 30 minutes before start time. This ensures you are ready to go on time, and if the schedule runs ahead of time, you will be there for the test.

You should plan on being at the arena for a while.

The judges mark the test, and then the marks are passed on to the Test Chair. All tests must be signed by the judge and cannot be handed out until they are. Sometimes this can be quick and sometimes it can take longer. All considerations are taken to do this as quickly as possible.

Your coach will be given your test results, which will be a Pass or a Retry.

You may be asked to help with music duties or preparing food for the judges, coaches, partner and helpers on the day. Please remember a happy judge means a happy skater.