Assessments and Test Days

Assessments play a vital role in the skater’s development, it measures their progress and allows them to see the results of their hard work. It also allows the coach, skater and parent to set goals and plan for the season. Skate Canada has implemented two different types of assessments based on the skater’s level.
Star 1-5 Assessments
– The star 1-5 program includes five levels of assessment in Skills, Freeskate and Dance
– Skaters will be assessed by their coach during their regular skating session. This decreases costs for the skater and provides a more relaxed environment.
– Star 1-5 tests will be assessed to the same standard used at Star 1-5 competitions making it easier for parents, skaters and coaches to understand results and track progress
– All assessments have a Skate Canada fee of $12.00 and $5.00 BC Judges Bureau fee, which must be paid prior to the assessment. The test fees will need to be paid again in order to retry a test.

Star 6-Gold
Skills and Artistic – Effective September 1,2019
Freeskate and Dance – Effective November 1 st , 2019
– The Star 6-Gold (previously Senior Bronze to Gold) has assessments in Freeskate (elements and program), Dance, Skills and Artistic
– Skaters will be tested by an external evaluator on a specific day outside of their regular session.
– All tests have a Skate Canada fee of $12.00, $5.00 BC Judges Bureau fee, and $7.00 club
administration fee. There also maybe additional costs to cover ice time, the evaluator and dance partner expenses.
– Fees must be paid prior to taking the test and any withdrawals after two weeks prior to the test day will be recorded as a retry and no refund will be given. Unless the skater is seriously injured and cannot skate.
– Test days will run similar to a competition, skaters will have a warm up time specific for the test their taken, and then will perform for the evaluator.
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