Buy on Ice

“Buy On” Ice Procedure

This process is a manual one and does not go through our online registration system.

If you are a STARSkater you have the opportunity to “Buy-On” to a session that you are not registered for but qualify to skate on. Often this happens when a coach, skater and/or parent want an extra session to work on a difficult skating skill, or a little extra ice time when preparing for a test or competition.  A “registered skater” is someone who is already registered on one or more CRSC sessions and wishes to skate an extra session but does not wish to purchase the ice time for the remainder of the year.

Buy on fee is $15.00/hr

How to Buy-On:

  1. Choose which session you want to come to.
  2. Check to see if session if full (if a session is “full”, then no Buy-Ons are allowed)

Before stepping on the ice:

  1. Please sign in on the clipboard that is located on the counter under the window in the office.  Your Coach can direct you.
  2. Pay the buy-on fee by cheque or cash. Please ensure that the skater’s full name, session(s) chosen, and money are all together in a ziplock bag (located outside the Skating Club office) and place the payment and information into the door mail slot.