The CRSC usually participates in 3 competitions a year:

Vancouver Island InterClub Competition – November

Vancouver Island Regional Competition – February

Vancouver Island Super Series (VISI) – April


Your Coach will provide the necessary information to their skaters related to Competitions.  Registration for competitions are now online and can be found through the Skate Canada BC/YT web site.

The schedule will usually come out about two to three weeks before the competition and will be posted on the Club bulletin board. Plan to be there an hour before your skater’s event to be prepared and warmed up, and also in case the competition is running ahead of schedule.

You will compete against other skaters of similar skill level and age. There will be a draw to fairly determine the order that the skaters will compete. If there are many skaters competing in the same category, the group will be divided into 2 or more flights for warm-up.

When you arrive at the rink check in at registration. This is when you hand in your backup music USB or CDs.  The skating order for each event will be posted in a central location. Your coach will be waiting for you when its time to get ready for your event. Make sure you know when and where to meet up with your coach.

Usually it takes at least half an hour to an hour for the results to be posted.  You will find them posted in the same place where the skating orders were.

There will be an award ceremony scheduled periodically during the competition.  Sometimes there are official pictures so be prepared to be dressed in your skating outfit and in skates.

Before you leave the arena, PICK UP YOUR BACK UP USB’s OR CDS!

Competition Checklist:

Both your skates
Your outfit
Spare set of tights
Extra hair items
Makeup you need
Comb, brush, spray
Sweater or warm-up jacket
Your music (labeled)
Skate guards and covers
Emergency bag (screws, laces, band aids, sewing kit etc.)
Your Skate Canada # & Club # (1000646)
Know your event & time
Directions to the rink