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Skate Canada BC/YK Section – Return to Sport Guideline:

Hello BC/YK Section Clubs & Coaches,
We are pleased to inform you that the Step 3 Return to Sport Guidelines from viaSport have been released.
The Skate Canada BC/YK Section Return to Skating Guidelines are no longer required to be followed. Clubs and Skating Schools are no longer required to have their own COVID-19 Return to Skating Guidelines.
Clubs/Skating Schools are no longer required to collect waivers, track attendance or perform daily health screenings.
Clubs/Skating Schools should consider developing a communicable disease response plan as per WorkSafeBC guidance to reduce the risk of communicable disease.
Masks are no longer required to be worn when not on the ice or for off ice. Masks are recommended to be worn off the ice for those 12 and over who have not received both immunization shots. Please note that clubs/skating schools and/or facilities may request for masks to still be worn.
There are no more participant restrictions. Programs can resume to pre-COVID-19 programming levels. Canskate programs can accept new and Stage 1 level skaters.
Physical distancing is no longer required to be maintained on or off the ice.
Spectators are allowed in attendance for Step 3 Return to Sport. Up to 50 spectators may be allowed in each facility. Please check with your facility for exact details. Please note: it is up to the club/skating school and/or facility to decide if spectators are allowed back in the facility.
As per the BC/YK Section June 18 update- In person assessment (test) days for STAR 6-Gold and simulations can begin to happen again. More information on when and how these activities can resume will be sent out shortly. All in person assessment (test) days for STAR 6-Gold and simulations with an official in attendance must be organized through the BC/YK Section Office.
A separate communication will be sent out with details on how to book an in person simulation/assessment day. Clubs/Skating Schools are not permitted to contact officials for in person simulations/assessment days at this time.
It is anticipated that the Province of BC will move to Step 4 in the Provincial Restart Plan on or around September 7, 2021. Once viaSport has updated the Step 4 Return to Sport Guidelines, we will follow the same process and update our guidelines as we did with Steps 2 & 3.
We thank everyone for their patience during these times as we start to get back to normal.