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Fundraising Plan for 2017-2018

The Campbell River Skating Club (CRSC) is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization.  Skating registration fees do not cover the full cost of providing your child with lessons.  Registration revenues and an annual grant from the BC Gaming Commission typically cover approximately two-thirds of the costs.  Thus, fundraising is an important and integral part of maintaining our Club as funds raised help offset our operating expenses.  We need the support of all of you and there are multiple options available!  Please note that the fundraising events are subject to change. 

And, if fundraising isn’t your thing maybe you would like to sit on the Board or participate by becoming a representative for your skater’s group or help with our Gala/Ice Show; a significant number of volunteers are needed.  We are also looking for people to assist at our CanSkate Welcome Desk on Mondays and Wednesdays.  There are lots of jobs that we need help with so just ask. 


Here are some fundraising opportunities for you.  Along with our online registration system you have the choice of paying a non refundable $100 volunteer bond cheque; or choosing from a number of activities/events.  These details will be available to you when you register.  However, here are some of our standard events.

Bagging Groceries
Details to follow.

Details to follow.

Tag Day
Details to follow.

Bottle Drive
Details to follow.

The following are ongoing activities that you can participate in as a member of our Club:

Bottle Recycle
We have an account at Island Return It on Willow Street.  Take your items there and ask them to put it on the Campbell River Skating Club’s account.  Return your receipt to the Club’s office ensuring your skater’s name is on the back of the receipt.

Boston Pizza
When you eat at Boston Pizza, record CAMPBELL RIVER SKATING CLUB on the back of your receipt and put it in the container at the front desk when you leave.  The CRSC will receive 5% of your purchase.

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