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Ice Etiquette and Rules

All skaters in the STAR program are asked to read and adhere to the Skate Canada’s Skater’s Agreement.  This policy can be found on the online registration site.

For insurance purposes, skaters must be registered for a session before stepping on the ice. 

Please inform one of the coaches if you have to leave the ice.

Be courteous to all skaters and coaches.  Remember most infractions of rules are done by accident.  “Excuse me” works wonders.  Apologize if you interfere with another skater’s practice.

Always be aware of what is happening around you.  Do not change direction without checking behind you.

Respect other’s space.  Do not skate or jump too close to another skater or coach.  When doing your solo, you must adjust slightly.  Even though the skater in a solo has the right away, it may be necessary to alter your direction to avoid another skater.  Always be aware of what is around you.

Be aware of skaters setting up for jumps and spins.  Do not cross their path. 

Leave the corners for jumpers.  Practice spins elsewhere.

Keep moving.  If you fall, get up immediately.  Stop only at the boards for a short time only.  Socializing is discouraged.

Right of way:

  1. Coaches on ice
  2. Skater in solo - pay attention to whose music is playing
  3. Skater in lesson
  4. Skater practicing skills or dance to music playing

All coaches are responsible for monitoring rules and safety during skating sessions.  A skater’s primary coach is not the only coach with authority over a skater.

Coaches have priority over music.  Skaters may not ask for their music.  If the music is waved off, it goes back to the end of line.

Skaters must fill holes at the end of a freeskate session.

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