Parents Responsibilities

A Parent’s Responsibility

  • Remember a skater is a person first; create balance in their life.
  • Help set goals with the coach’s help. Skater’s goals, not yours.
  • Learn about the sport and be interested.
  • Support the coach. Communicate and get skater to rink on time. Pay bills on time also.
  • Watch your skater. Do not use the rink as a babysitter.
  • Be a good sport. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and with respect.
  • Support your skater. Be realistic and try not to compare others.
  • Support your club. Pay bills on time. VOLUNTEER

Words to Live By

Love your child for what she or he is
Be realistic about their ability
Be realistic about their strong & weak areas
Don’t live your desires through your child
Understand that their skating career will have peaks & valleys
To fail a test does not mean the child is a failure
Measure their success as a person, not a skater
Communicate with the coach,
Make sure you ask questions &
Understand the total involvement & commitment
Be a person your child can be proud of
In consultation with your child and coach, set realistic goals
Understand that rink gossip can only be harmful to you,
Your child, your club and your coach
Be supportive of your club and their team of skaters
Offer help in weak areas rather than criticize
The tests passed, the medals won will soon be forgotten,
But the impression you leave will be for a lifetime.