Program Assistants

The job of a Program Assistant (PA) is to shadow and support the coach in every way possible, but their main objective is to share the joy of skating to those around them. Before the session starts, PA’s will set up the ice, which includes drawing, learning the circuits and then leading the CanSkaters through warm-ups, cooldowns, and fun games and activities.

This September marks my fifth year as a PA for the CRSC, but my journey started when I was a CanSkater myself. As I was learning to skate, I looked up to the PA’s that taught me to skate. I had so much fun because I wasn’t just focused on my skating; I was playing games, jumping over lines and dancing with the other CanSkaters. After starting as a PAA (Program Assistant Assistant), I fell in love with the CanSkate program, because it allows the PA’s to teach the basics of skating mostly through games, close support, fun testing, and a positive learning environment.


Emily Deering

2018-2019 CRSC Program Assistant of the Year