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Off Ice (Dry Land Training)—CURRENTLY ON HOLD

We are pleased to be able to offer this year long program. 

The Campbell River Skating Club supports Skate Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Program and a healthy life style.  For children to have success in any sport – either as a health related recreational activity or in competition, training the right components at the right stage of development is key to the success of all athletes.  Core strength, balance and flexibility are significant requirements of the figure skating sport and at some point the skater needs to build strength beyond what he or she naturally has.  By completing an off ice program skaters will progress their on-ice skills at a faster pace and be able to handle the strength demands of jumping, spinning and longer programs.

Our Off Ice Training Development goals for this season are…

Through providing Off-Ice classes that develop agility, coordination, balance, flexibility, cardio and strength training, to build a well-rounded skater following Skate Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Module.  To introduce and educate skaters on warm-ups, cool-downs, stretching, proper nutrition and hydration as an important part of an athlete’s daily routine.

Meet Marion . . .

“I am a BCRPA certified Personal Trainer, Weight Trainer, Third Age, Group Fitness Instructor, Yoga Fitness Level 1, Peter Twist Sports Conditioning Coach.  I have always been passionate about physical activity and strongly believe in the benefits of Cross training for the Sports of skating. Additional muscular strength, endurance and flexibility are an important part of your child’s training program as well as an early-detected posture issue or muscular imbalance to prevent injury.  I am looking forward in working with a group of skaters to improve their confidence and performance.”

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